Walking your talk

Every day you get an opportunity to be the person, the boss, the coworker, the friend that you like to think that you are.  Even when other people say that the action is not necessary – seize it.  And be your best self.

The first butterfly

After inordinately long rains and weeks of fuzzy caterpillars eating the leaves and oftentimes ending up underfoot, this morning I saw my first butterfly of the season.  It reminded me of how each of us can transform our work and organizations into entities that can fly.


Welcome to Empower Venture Partners.  We are a new, Nairobi-based, collaborative venture.

Empower Venture Partners works with start-ups, NGOs, and established businesses to facility them in forging their own paths.

We will be sharing ideas and articles here that inspire us.  We look forward to connecting with you.